The Predicament

by sleeplessinbookland

Dear lovely followers,

I guess we all know how this post is going to start don’t we? I know, I know, I haven’t been on here in a while, I get it, but there’s no need to look at me with those big, puppy-dog eyes like that ok? ok. (fault in our stats moment… ahhhhhh!) Anyways, I have a predicament, and I need your help, and not in a Dora The Explorer way where I ask you for help and then completely ignore you and look at the map instead when the mountain is quite obviously right behind me.  no. this will not be a similar situation. Although I’m not a five-year-old Latino girl on an adventure to find Friendship Forest either so I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be anyways. Well, continuing on from that, as you probably know (unless you live under a rock or something), the other day was Thanksgiving. Well, in case you also didn’t know (god, you guys are so clueless), Thanksgiving usually comes with some kind of small break from school and/or work. So yeah, from this, you can most likely conclude I got a break from work and/or school for Thanksgiving. good job! So, yeah, it was my last day of school before the break, and it was over and I was so excited! yay! I ran up to my room in pure joy and crashed down at my work desk. now what? I called up some friends but of course, since these days no one can ever seem to stay put at their own home with their own family for thanksgiving, everyone was gone. Ok, so I had no friends, no prob, their was always Vampire Diaries. So I decided to watch those over from the very beginning. Yikes. Ya’ll don’t want to know how that ended. It stuck for a while, I guess, but I just ended up feeling empty inside (I know, I’m a drama queen), as I often do with every Netflix marathon I ‘run’. So finally, after a substantial amount of tissues and sad music  I realized that what I needed was a good book. So I went to the one place that always helps me when I’m in need. I went to the place that’s been a shoulder to cry on, a place that’s been able to take me, for better or for worse. A place that fills my heart with sunshine and happiness and all other good things in the world. Barnes and Noble. and you know what I find? zip. nothing! I know right?! unbelievable! This is the kind of problem I have with a dress on the night of the party not a book on the night of absolutely nothing! I can always find a book. always. (hunger games moment!) every single flipping time I go there I find a book! but somehow, someway, I could not find a single thing. My mom even tried to help.

“Hun, there has got to be something in this whole store that you have not read.”

“No mom, there isn’t”

“what about this?”

“The Hunger Games, Mom? Really? every single literate person in America has read that.”

“ok, what about this.”


“what about this.”



“Mom, that has a rainbow dragon on it, yes.”

and, well, it kind of goes on. Aside from an extremely tacky romance novel with writing even I could do better than, I left empty handed. So here’s where you guys come in. I need a book, guys. I need a book bad. I can feel myself slipping away into the land of tv and low IQ. So please, please, please, please help a sista out. if you know any good books, comment below and I will read them! just fyi I like books that are kinda girly and sarcastic and I don’t read anything that isn’t YA. I know, I’m lame but whatever, stop the judgment! If you know a really good book that isn’t like that then just tell me anyways, I may love it! Alright, I’m counting on you guys. seriously. ok. there’s a box below, all you have to do is put your fingers on the keyboard, type, and press enter! I know you can do it! Alright, I’m out. peace.