Lux: beginings (to read or not to read)

by sleeplessinbookland

lux book reviewDear followers,

guess what I did? No, I did not eat Ramen Noodles again! ok, well, yeah, I did, but that’s not what I’m talking about! Come on, you must be able to guess! seriously, just read the title of this post! It’s the title of a book! ok, good, so you’re starting to catch on, right? good! Well, I might as well say it! I finally finished a book! Yay! *does the nay nay* *falls over* *laughs* *cries* *what the heck* *why am I writing these* *ok I’ll stop*! Anyways, the point is, after swimming through oodles and oodles of schoolwork and homework and anywhere in-between work, I finally persevered! I finished a book! And now I am here to talk about it! You may applaud me now! Thank you, Thank you! And now, it is my great pleasure to present you with, ‘Lux: beginnings (to read or not to read)’! enjoy!

Ok, so first of all, if you are a literature snoot, this book is not for you! Seriously do not read it! it is most definitely no Hemmingway! I mean, you can already clearly tell from the cover, but in case you couldn’t, please don’t read it! you will hate it! Secondly, if you are in the mood for something deep that will make you feel something, this is not the book for you, go buy the fault in our stars, Mister/Misses! This book is totally tacky, cheesy, stereotypical, and somewhat lovable all at the same time. first of all, the one small thing I liked about this book was the fact that the main character was a blogger. I could just really relate to that and it made me like her a little bit better than I would have if she hadn’t been a blogger. ok, so we got the one small thing out of the way. Now buckle up everyone, it’s one long bumpy road downhill after that. First of all, the main character is kind of just the biggest airhead of all time. like, sure, she reads and she’s intelligent and blah, blah, blah, but at the end of the day she is a total dimwit. this is basically her train of thought, ‘huh, he says he loves me? he must hate me. he’s trying to get back at me. I wonder if her likes me? does he like me? he says he likes me. he must hate me.’ Like, Hun, just stop. As for the stereotypical part, yes, it gets very stereotypical. I think the protagonist probably gets sick and/or hurt at least twenty times within only the first book, and of course the hot alien next door neighbor has to save her every. single. time. Don’t get me wrong. I actually love it when books do that. I’m one of the most stereotypical loving persons ever! However, there is a limit to how many time you can do it. and twenty most certainly oversteps that limit! Now I know I sound like I’m totally trashing this book, and I kind of am, but honestly, I kind of loved it. It’s just that kind of book that you can’t help but make fun of, and enjoy at the exact same time. So yeah, if you’re a book snoot, don’t read it. we’ve already established that. but if you can tolerate the complete and utter tackiness of a book, but still somehow like it, somehow love it, then I suggest this book. So here we are at the end of my review, and there’s only one thing to be asked. To read, or not to read, that is the question. choose wisely my friends, choose wisely.