Elanore, park, and some other random stuff I threw in

by sleeplessinbookland

dear my dearly beloved, highly appreciated, seriously wonderful followers,

long time no see, right? yeah, yeah, I know. What ever happened to “more book reviews coming your way soon!”? (refer to last post) Weeleanor and parkll, the truth is, I have just been completely, utterly, and positively uninspired by the books that I have read lately! don’t get me wrong, they were good books, they just weren’t…. amazing. Which made me wonder, when was the last time I’d read an amazing book? I mean, yeah, I’ve read good books recently, I’ve even read really good books. but when was the last time I read a book that made me want to stay of until 4:oo am reading? And when was the last time that I read a book that totally emerged me in a world of fiction, that flew me to a land so past time and space, that when I finally awoke I didn’t have a clue to where I was? The answer was, not in a while. Well, I mean, I have read some books like that this summer now that I think about it… But hey, book time is way different from normal people time, so stop looking at me like that! (not that I can actually see you, I mean, I just feel your evil glares staring at me across the internet)!

anyways, this strong philosophical pondering lead me to a place I’ve been many times before. And by many, I mean many, like maybe once a week (ok, you caught me, more like every day) many. the place that smells like hot chocolate and mystery novels. Like the wood of the forest and the mist of the sea. like adventure just waiting to happen. You know the place. Barnes and Noble. sigh.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I am not a book hipster. I pretty much only read something by the time it’s dissected into a script and mailed straight to the big screen. So once again I find myself in a very familiar place, bestsellers. what to read, what to read! Well, I’ve already read Divergent so let’s cross that off list. Oh, mortal instrument, Check (quickly looks around to make sure no one’s watching and whispers “I love you Jace Herondale”)! Hunger games? please, I read that before it was popular (so maybe I’m a bit of a book hipster).

but wait

what is this I see

the yellow glaring back at me

a black haired boy

and a redhead chick

is this the book?

I am to pick?

well, in case you didn’t pick up on that, the answer is yes. this book was most definitely for me, and it’s name was Eleanor and Park! Well, you know what’s coming, so lets just get it over with…. BOOK REVIEW!! Sadly, I will be doing a non-spoiler version just so I don’t ruin it for those of you who have not read it, but worry not those who have! I will most likely be doing a review on it tomorrow just filled to the brim with deliciously juicy spoilers so keep holding on! but for now, I present to you: Eleanor and Park!

Eleanor’s didn’t have the best life. she didn’t have the worst life but she… well… She- who was she kidding? her life flat out sucked. But how could it not, between her idiotic mother and her creep of a stepfather, Eleanor didn’t have the best parental support. And to be honest she didn’t exactly have house either. Don’t get me wrong, She was technically living in a house, it just wasn’t… her house. you see, a year ago her stepfather lost it. he lost it. And after getting in a major fight with him, guess what he did? he threw her out. like garbage on the street, he threw her right out the door. Thankfully, her neighbors had been there to pick her up, but when her mom comes back nearly a year later, she doesn’t know quite what to expect. definitely not this. definitely not the boy. How could something so sweet happen to her when her whole entire world is falling apart at the seams?

She was asking for it Park couldn’t help but think. First of all, she dressed like a man. Well, not even a man, more like a circus clown who just happened to be a man. and her hair. oh, her hair. the curly red locks surrounded her face like weeds encapturing a beautiful flower, She just sort of looked like…. a mess. so how on earth did she think she was going to survive in such a cruel place as high school? crap he thought she’s heading this way, please stop heading this way but it was too late. The crazy clown man girl was already standing right next to him, looking as lost as ever.

“Sit down!” yelled the bus driver, yet no one offered their seats. Well, except for Park. Stupid, stupid Park, he couldn’t stand himself. He didn’t speak to her, he didn’t say a word.

stupid Asian boy Eleanor thought

stupid Clown Man girl thought Park

and that, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

but seriously, READ IT! it was so freaking good and I don’t regret a single second spent reading it!  So go on! Wherever your closest bookstore is, find it, and drive, drive woman (or man), DRIVE, I SAID DRIVE! Ok, yeah, I’m weird I know. anyways! That aside, I have something else to discuss with y’all (a.k.a. some other random stuff I threw in). As I said earlier, I’ve been having a rough time finding ways to inspire myself to blog. It’s not exactly that I’m lazy (although I guess maybe a little bit), It’s just that I haven’t read/done anything that really just pumps me up, you know? I mean, for those of you who are bloggers, what do you write about. I mean, other than books. And for those of you who read, have y’all read anything that’s just really got you going lately? yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, I have to comment on some random girls blog? blegh, no way!” but some audience participation would be highly appreciated right now if possible so please comment! got that? good, again, Question of The Day (although I’m probably not going to be doing this every day, but whatever!), “What inspires you?” Seriously guys! I need some answers! Got it? good. Well, Adios! See ya next time (Once again, not actually, I don’t have spyware on your computer or anything, that would be creepy)! farewell! peace! ok, I’m done, bye!