Sorry! (part 3) (yikes!)

by sleeplessinbookland

dear magnificent, lovely, wonderful followers,

I’m sorry. Gosh, it seems like I’m always apologizing to you guys! Actually, it doesn’t just seem that way, it is that way, I guess! Well, sorry for saying sorry so much! Usually I would not do so, but the predicament is quite sever. As of friday, I will be traveling to a land far, far away. Quite a dangerous place to be honest. There are rabid, blood sucking beasts (a.k.a. mosquitos), fierce, competitive sword battles (well, fencing at least), and worst of all, no form of communication whatsoever (well, pen and paper but I don’t have your addresses and don’t plan on asking you for them and sounding like a total creeper, either!). This wretched place has one name and one name only. Summer camp. Yeah, yeah, I know, I over exaggerated just a bit, and I actually do love camp but I just wanted to sound cool, ok? Gosh! Anyways, the point is, I won’t be able to blog for about a month, so bear with me!

Luckily for you guys though, as there is no such thing as flappy bird or instagram or any other materials in this land to donate to my terrible, terrible disease called procrastination I believe, I will have tons and tons of time to read! By the time I get back I’m sure I’ll have at least seven blogs ready to go and you’ll all be sorry I even came back in the first place (and for that, I say sorry)! So pretty, pretty please, in the leave of my absence (is that a phrase?) , do not unfollow me! I repeat, do not unfollow me! yes, I know, I’m being a bit bossy, but I’ve worked so hard to get you guys here in the first place, it would be a real bummer if I came back and you were all gone!  So to those of you who read this blog and think, “wow, I agree, she really does work hard, I think I’ll just keep following her!” I wholly and sincerely thank you!

Well, that’s all I really have to say, so in the words (er, songs I guess) of Julie Andrews, well, here I go… ahem… SO LONG, FAREWELL, AUF VIDEN SEH HAJO! wait….. what? Well, never mind, I don’t know german, sue me! Anyways, the point is goodbye! And may the odds be ever in your favor!


The Sleepless Reader