City of Heavenly Fire: The Review

by sleeplessinbookland

COHF_coverdear followers,

Yet another ending of yet another wonderful series has unfolded in front of my own two eyes, and I can’t help but feel as if a small piece of me is missing. this is the end. this is really the end. no more wondering if Clace will ever happen, no more hidden feelings shared between Sizzy, and no more waiting in anxiety for Luke and Jocelyn to finally get married. it’s all over. God, you have no idea how depressing that is to me! But maybe it is not so much that piece of me is being taken away as it is that a new piece of me is being added on, changing me from the way I used to be.

Books are for learning, in case you didn’t know. Whether it is a chemistry textbook, full of science and method, or 1,000 page novel, full of love and hope, we are constantly learning, changing, from and with books. And that’s exactly what I did while reading this series. I have learned, I changed, so much. I have learned that to love really isn’t to destroy. I have learned that maybe water is thicker than blood. and I have learned that without love, without memories, without opening ourselves to new actions and ideas, we will petrify, never being able to feel again. I have learned all of this and much, much more from this series, so much so that if  I tried to blog it all down you guys would probably be reading this for about five hours! so I’m just going to cut you some slack and stop there! Anyways, the point is, that through this knowledge, I have changed. Grown. And certainly for the better. This series is amazing and if you have not yet read it drive yourself over to the closet bookstore this instance and buy it! if you have read it (the whole series), then I encourage you to keep reading. if you have not, scram! one word. spoilers!

Alright, so now that those losers are gone let’s get down to business! And where is a better place to start than the very beginning? Nowhere, of course! Okay. So we start off with this prologue about Emma Carstairs and her life at the Los Angeles institute, which, if you ask me, was probably one of the longest things I have ever read in my life! I was jus ready to see my clique, ya know? I’m sorry, but I didn’t care at all about these random new people who had popped up into the plot of the book, I needed to see my peeps! but finally the prologue does end and we find our people in the park, meditating. I’m not going to elaborate on this too much because there is a lot to talk about, but I just thought this part was pretty the first half of the book overall is pretty boring. everyone is sitting around, having meetings, and just waiting for Sebastian to come kill them all. yes, within this time period Jordan does die, but I have to say, I totally saw that coming. and sorry to all of you who were, but I really wasn’t that attached to him anyways so it wasn’t a big deal. the only other thing that I really like within the first half of the book was Simon’s alter ego ‘Lord Montgomery’. I was cracking up when I read this part because it was just too funny! but really, other than that the whole first part was a snooze fest.

then we get to the second part. ah, the second part! the demon realms! how exciting! so thankfully, finally the crew finds out that the faeries really aren’t in their favor, and take the Queen captive, forcing her to show them the way to the demon realms. and of course, as I predicted, Meliorn does die at this point, becoming another one of the seven. so yeah, they get into the demon realm, they find a nice little (or maybe not so little) cave to snuggle up in, and they figure out a plan. In the course of these days in the cave, however, Jace does happen to explode into a ball of heavenly fire, which, thankfully, Clary knows how to save him from. she uses her clever little rune skills and together they craft up a sword to consume the heavenly fire and let it be used as a weapon against Sebastian. after this we have a very nice Clary and Jace scene  and a pretty good Isabelle and Simon scene as well, but though the day prior may have been nice, the day ahead is sure to be a day of war and sacrifice.

so together, they all march right up to Sebastian’s fortress, ready for battle, and when they get there, he’s waiting. here’s the thing about Sebastian, I have very mixed emotions about him. on one hand, I know that he is evil, he has demon blood running through his very veins, after all. but on the other I see something redeemable about him. anyone who is capable of love should be capable of doing good. because love is not evil. perhaps lust, but certainly not love. and I honestly think Sebastian loves Clary, certainly not in the right way, but I know he loves her. he just doesn’t get the concept of love. his mind can’t function it, the demon blood blocks it. and maybe that is why he is evil. but none the less, they have to defeat him, whether he’s good deep down inside or not. so Clary puts on her skit, taking the throne and telling him she loves him, and he truly believes her which makes me really sad for some reason, because when we really truly want something we don’t doubt it, we take it in full heartedly and let the rest become invisible. Maybe that’s why I’m sad, because in that moment, I think I saw a glimmer of humanity in him, and sadly, I knew it would be that very trait that would be his unbecoming. So now he has everything he wants. power, the girl, a room full of people to serve him, but Sebastian feels that perhaps he needs to make sure that this is all real, that it isn’t a dream. so he asks for proof. he asks for a kiss. a kiss to prove Clary’s love for him. this is his fatal mistake. Clary, of course, plays along, and putting her arms around him, she takes her sword, full of heavenly fire, and stabs him in the back (literally and figuratively).and then, in his last moments, Sebastian’s eyes turn green and he becomes Johnathan.

Unfortunately, Johnathan has no idea how to get any of them out of the demon realm, which forces Magnus to have to call upon his father, the most evil man ever!!! So Magnus’s dad shows up in all of his evil glory, and offers up a deal. In exchange for their passage back to earth and Simon’s mortal life, he gets to keep Simon’s immortality (which isn’t that bad) and all his memories of the shadow world along with his shadow friends (which is really bad!). And to everyone’s dismay, Simon, the good guy he is, takes the deal. So off they go to Idris, leaving a certain ex-vampire named Simon behind.

Some after returning to Idris, Clary and Jace throw ‘the Johnathan that might have been’ a small funeral by the lake. After finishing up they take a horseback ride back to the city in which they discover the Herondale manor. As approaching it Jace comments “we might live here someday” and at this sentence I explode into a pile of rainbows and butterflies because I could totally imagine that! I could just imagine a middle-aged Clary with her hair in a knot and paint on her fingers, chasing a screaming toddler around the house. I could imagine the wrinkles beneath Jace’s eyes deepening as he smiled in pride while training his little boy to hunt. I could just imagine it all and it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced! Sadly, that would all have to wait for another day. for now, they had to return to New York and get one with their lives.

but how were they supposed to get on with their lives without Simon? Ah, yes, there was still the Simon Predicament. this is almost too easily solved. On the day of Jocelyn’s wedding, Clary visits Simon, hoping of all hopes that he remember something, anything about her. sadly, the only thing she reaps from that meeting is a crumpled band flyer, that only makes her nostalgic of the times she used to xerox the very things for him. back when they were friends. back when he remembered her. thankfully, the poster does reveal something. right there at the top it says it. the band’s name. the mortal instruments. i couldn’t help but laugh at this because if you think about it that’s actually a really good name for a band! but anyhow, at this Magnus says he has a plan. a plan to get Simon back. they must turn him into a shadow hunter (insert dramatic sound effect).

In the end, everyone gets their happy ending. Clary ends up with Jace, Simon ends up with Izzy, Magnus ends up with Alec, and even Jocelyn ends up with Luke. It’s all gumdrops and unicorns from then on. I know this sounds weird, but was anyone else disappointed by that? yeah, yeah, I know I’m crazy, but I was just expecting more. when Cassy said seven people were dying, I kind of figured there would be at least one significant death. one death that would tug my heart, even in the slightest bit. I don’t know, I just feel like in every good book there should be at least one loss that makes you think a little deeper, mourn a little harder, one loss that just actually makes you feel something. don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I’m sure if Jace or Clary died, there would have been a very offensive letter written to Mrs. Clare and I just might have received a restraining order, so thank the lord that didn’t happen! I just feel like it was a little off that’s all.

anyways, overall this series was amazing and I just can’t believe it’s over! I tip my hat to you Cassandra, great job! Well, I’m done ranting! comment below on what you thought of the book! I need to hear other’s opinions! I’ll be waiting!


The Sleepless Reader