The Fault in Our Stars

by sleeplessinbookland

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! OH MY FREAKING GOSH! OH MY FREAKING GOSH, GUYS!!! ok, the faultthere, I think I got it all out of my system, but- OH MY GOSH!! ok, ok I’m done, pinky promise! but, seriously! talk about a feels attack! this move was freaking amazing and I would just like to tip my hat

to everyone who was involved in it! it was awesome! this may be one of the few movies I have ever seen that I don’t have one negative thing to say about! It captured the book perfectly and all I can say is, wow. of course, there were a few scenes that got cut, like when Hazel and Isaac are playing video games after Gus dies and Isaac tells the video game to hump the cave wall, which does happen to be one of my favorite parts of the book, but anywho, other than that, I didn’t notice many changes, which is perfect! and it wasn’t just the fact that the movie stuck so much to the book that made it perfect, it was also the vibe, you know? the vibe of being young and in love and just living life! that was one of my favorite things about the book too. the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be a tragedy or a sob story. it wasn’t supposed to be a  book that completely depressed you. when Gus dies it isn’t over exaggerated, with him dying in her arms and using his last, dying breath to kiss her. the fault in our stars isn’t about dying. it’s about living. sure, they have cancer. sure, they may die sooner than they would have if they didn’t. but it’s not about that. it’s about what they do with the lives they are given, and who they choose to love, even if they are grenades, as hazel puts it. And oh my gosh, the music in this movie! I can’t get enough of it! Boom Clap in now officially the anthem of my life. period. all in all this movie was just flat-out spectacular and I’m sure I will be taking another trip back to the theater sooner or later to see it again! if you have not seen this movie, drop what you’re doing right now and drive to your nearest theater. I’m serious, stop reading this and go! to those of you who have seen the movie, you know what, just go ahead and do the same thing! leave. right now! goodbye! adios! au revoir! see ya’ later! bye!