The One

by sleeplessinbookland

Ok, now that that’s done with, let’s move on with some more important matters. Like what the heck am I supposed to do with my life now that this book is over?! Probably mope around, eat ramen noodles, and reread it a couple of ten thousand times, but you know, other than that! I mean, I’m not saying it wasn’t a beautiful book. God, it was a beautiful book! that’s what makes this such torture. There are two ways one may react the ending of a series, both depending on how the author has written the book. One, if the author has ended it terribly, lying around all day thinking of all the ways it could have been so much better. They could have done this, they could have done that, and why the heck did I not write this dang book myself, this ending is poop! You’re stuck in the past. Stuck in a wave of things that could have happened to prevent the tragic event that has befallen your beloved series. That was not the case with this book. Quite the opposite, actually! The entanglement of lovely words in this lovely book encaptured me, luring me to another world. In fact, sometimes I’d look up from my book and be scared half to death because I was so sure that only moments ago I had been sauntering through the castle gates, out of our world, and into the book! Now that, is good writing. The kind of writing that helps you throw your sorrows to the wind and forget about your world, and in general, just forget about you. True writing is the kind that helps you lose your identity and sink in to the one of another person. To trade in your happiness for theirs. To trade in your sadness for theirs. And most importantly, to feel love. During this book, I felt all of the above. I’m just going to leave it at that for now because honestly I could go on all day about that and I’m sure you guys are tired of my endless ranting! So let’s move on, shall we? First off, I would just like to say… MAXON AND AMERICA, OF MY FREAKING GOD! Just thinking about them makes me blush and I’m soooo happy they ended up together! I was also very happy to see that even though she did have her moments in this book, America wasn’t as completely, flat-out idiotic as she was in the elite! I have to admit that through most of the elite a had my face in my hand and couldn’t bear to read another chapter full of her complete and utter stupidity. But let’s not focus on that, the point is, she got her brain back! good for her! you go girl! And man, I can’t even believe how many adorable moments there were between her and Maxon! Dancing in the rain, tying the red sash around her jeans (which I know may seem kind of stupid to you guys but I thought it was really cute for some reason!), kissing, lots of kissing, and multiple times may I add! And most importantly, what I thought may have been the sweetest thing in the whole book, was when America promised that if Maxon lived, he could call her dear as many times as he wanted too!! perfect reference to the first book! I just feel like I wish I got just a tad bit more of the wedding scene though, and maybe some after the wedding action too, but who am I kidding, if I had it my way the book would never end! other than that, the book was absolutely fantabulous! there were some losses, but I felt like they kind of needed to be there. don’t get me wrong, I loved the queen. and Celeste, no matter what my feelings for her might have been in the first and second books. but I feel like where there is a new beginning, there must be loss as well. does that sound to messed up? I don’t know, maybe it’s just my author’s brain. seems like all authors ever want to do is kill everyone off (I’m looking at you Veronica), but I’m just glad it wasn’t anyone too important like Maxon or America. I was also pretty happy when Aspen and Lucy ended up together because America was right. Lucy did need a knight in shining armor and Aspen was jus the right guy. I like them together, although not so much so that I felt obligated to read the extra short story about them being together at the end of the book. All in all, this book was really amazing and I feel honored that I got the chance to experience yet another little world in a galaxy of books. but though I absolutely adored this book, it is time for me to say goodbye. Selection series, I salute you. *sends book down the river* *cries hysterically* *wonders why she’s giving a funeral for a freaking book* *remembers why* *dries eyes* *buys new copy of the book and the cycle continues* alright,that’s it for today! comment what you thought of the book below!