by sleeplessinbookland

Hey guys! Really sorry for not posting much lately, I’ve just been so busy, you wouldn’t believe! I’m really mad at myself too because in the beginning I swore to myself that I would be posting every week but I have totally given up on doing that lately! I just haven’t had time to blog! In fact, I haven’t even had time to read which is crazy for me since I’m always reading all the time, non-stop, no matter what! Fear not, though! I shall be back on the inter-web (as my mom likes to call it) as soon as I can! in fact, this summer I’ll probably be posting so much that you guys will go mentally insane but you’ll just have to wait! well, that’s it! Just letting you know because I don’t want any of you guys unfollowing me! It’s hard enough to get followers as a YA book blog already, I can’t lose any! Anyways, love you guys, all twenty of you! Have a good Friday!

(P.s. Feel free to imagine me as Olaf from frozen singing ‘in summer’ to you, It would make this post a lot cooler than it really is!)