Predictions for City of Heavenly fire

by sleeplessinbookland

Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God! What am I going to do with my life when this series is over?!? I know it probably has something to do with a tub of ice cream and Adel music, but you know, other than that! And according to some super scary news I heard the other day, this book is for sure going to be a tear fest. Seven characters we know by name are going to die in this book! Ahhhhhh! make that two tubs of ice cream, please! So I made this post to predict the top seven people who are probably going to be leaving us in the last book… gosh, I got a little misty eyed just typing that! Anyways, if you have any ideas of why someone who’s not on my list might die, or if you think someone who is on my list isn’t going to die, comment below!
1. Sebastian Verlach:
*insert Bon Qui Qui voice* This dudes got to go, got to go! I mean seriously, he’s caused so much bad shizz, I can’t even! I mean, I guess I can also see him reviving himself in the end because the only reason he is evil is because his whole life he’d been told he was, but even then I can still see him dying. You know like the whole “well, he was evil at first, but he died an honourable death, so I guess he’ll go to heaven” thing, you know? Anyways, that’s all I have to say about him, good riddance!
2/3. Maia and Jordan
Ok I know this sounds horrible but I really wouldn’t care if Jordan and Maia die. I know, I know I’m a terrible person but I just feel like after the last book they’ve just really faded as good characters. I mean, they don’t even really like each other. Yes, they’re technically, somewhat dating but I think they really don’t care for each other as much as they like to tell themselves they do. Like, seriously, whenever they’re together they’re so awkward and can’t think of anything to talk about and they always just end up making out! A real relationship is more than just the physical, you have to be able to talk to each other and comfort each other because when you’re old and gray you can just start kissing when you don’t know what to say! Also, I can just really see them dying together hand in hand. Don’t hate, it’s just something I totally see happening!
4. Brother Zachariah
So I haven’t read The Infernal Devices yet, but I do know that the character named Jem in that series is actually Brother Zachariah. To be honest, I am not actually the one who made this prediction, it was actually my friend Emily who has read the infernal devices, but for some reason it just felt right to me. Since we all know that Jace’s ancestor, the Lovely Will Herondale, was Jem’s best friend I can really see him dying to save the Herondale blood (as in trying to save jace). Sadly though, as I don’t really know Jem personally from the infernal devices it wouldn’t really be a big deal to me if he died, but I know to all of you who did it would be. All I can say is take the words of the beautiful Tobias Eaton and “Be Brave, Tris”, Er… whoever you are!
5. Meliorn
Cassandra is trying to create all this hype about how seven characters we know by name are going to die, but I guarantee one of the seven is just going to be some complete random that, yes we do know by name, but doesn’t really matter. For me, Meliorn just happens to be that character! No big whoop! Let’s move on!
6. Maryse or Robert Lightwood
I doubt it would be both of them because the scenario I’m working out is that one of them would die forcing the other to cling to their children and finally be a good parent. I’m think more likely Maryse because Robert has never been a good father, but losing his wife would show him that he needed to hold on to what was still there. I also think loosing Maryse would help him be more supportive of Alec and whatever decisions he decides to make with Magnus.

Now for number seven I have two scenarios… one that is sad and one that is so devastatingly sad it will blow your mind and break your heart in to a thousand tiny pieces.

7 scenario 1. Magnus Bane
Oh my freaking gosh Magnus! If he dies I will cry my eyes out. I’m sure if he does leave he’ll leave fabulously with a hilarious one liner and a burst of glitter but still, I don’t even want to think about it! I can just see Cassandra doing this to us though. she loves to put us through misery doesn’t she? I think she would kill of Magnus because it would be like ‘he helped us all this time and now he’s dead!’ and it would be mortifying sad! I’m also almost positive that if Magnus dies Alec will be right by his side which will be even worse because all that time Alec was worried about dying first but he never even pondered that Magnus would. Ok… well I’m done with this one, let’s move on to the next I guess… I think I’m ready for this. Highlight think.

7 scenario 2. JACEEEE HERONDALE (insert bawling emoji)
I used to live in a land where everything was happy. A land where I thought, “Huh, there’s no way an author could kill off the main character! That’s ridiculous! How would they even be able to write on after that person is dead?” that was a land before Allegiant. And with the switching perspectives in this book… well, let’s just say it might not end well. Jace is the last person I want to die and if she does kill him off I will be writing a very angry letter! So be warned Cassandra! I would normally not even consider putting this scenario in here but I recently read a very discouraging snippet from the book and it looks like… well…. I can’t even say it! You can all guess though. lets just all cross our fingers and pray to God because I literally don’t even know what I’d do if Jace died.

Well, that concludes my depressing, tear drawing blog! Join in next time for how to pull your eye out of its socket because that is much less painful than this book will be!