Divergent Movie Review

by sleeplessinbookland

What to say about this movie…. It sucked! Ok, maybe it didn’t suck but I’m a TOTAL perfectionist and there were a lot of things that seriously ticked me off while watching it. I just felt like they took a pair of rusty scissors, lazily chopped off all the major events in the book, and crammed them in to one giant slushy of disappointment. I mean, where were the transitions? where were all the cute small scenes between Tris and Four? I know you can’t put everything into a movie but you have to put in some of the small parts. The small parts are the parts that make up a character. The small parts are the parts that show you how they act in everyday life. Other than this there were a few other things that peeved me a bit. I didn’t like how they said Al only attacked Tris because she was doing better in initiation than he was. I mean, they just COMPLETLY cut out the part about Al liking Tris! Won’t directors ever learn? If you stick to the plot of the book, it’s going to be succesful! I don’t know why they go around trying to change the order of things if the author of the book became famous for a reason! Yeah, that’s right! They’re making this book into a movie for a reason. The reason this book is famous is because of the way it’s written so why would you change that? I don’t know, I guess I should be grateful. After all, it stuck to the plot far more than Percy Jackson but I really expected more out of them. I guess my expectations were high after Catching Fire which did an amazing job of sticking to the plot. Other than these complaints though, I guess it was an ok movie. After all, Theo James is mighty fine! Also Shailene Woodley was pretty good as Tris, but I felt like they glamorized her too much. I really liked how in the book Tris was just an average girl with average, if not ugly, looks. It humanized her. I guess they couldn’t have done that in Hollywood though so I don’t blame them. Well, I’m all out of rants and complaints! Comment below about how you felt about the movie, I want to know other people’s opinions!