4 great books that you probably haven’t read

by sleeplessinbookland

Ok guys, as sad as it makes me to admit it, I’m about as mainstream as it gets. I didn’t read The Hunger Games until at least a week before the movie came out.I didn’t read The Mortal Instruments until, yes, after the movie came out. And sure, I may have only read The Fault in Our Stars because I saw the preview on TV, but that doesn’t make me a TOATAL loser right? anyways, the point is, I’m not some super cool, book hipster (well, if you consider book hipsters cool anyways), who’s about to recommend some super undercover books that nobody has ever heard of. Nope, in fact, if you’re really in to books, you’ve probably already read most of these anyways. but if your like me, and can only seem to find the right stuff to read when it’s already in the making to be a Hollywood blockbuster, this is for you. If you’re not like that, then just go ahead and humor me by looking down at the list. who knows? you might find something you haven’t read! ok, here we go!

1. Paranormalcy: by Kiersten White

Evie just wanted to be normal. That was possible, right? I mean, sure, she hunted and tamed paranormal creatures for a living, had a psychopath, fairy ex-boyfriend who always seemed to be stalking her, and yeah, she may have been the only human being, well if she WAS human at all, in the world who could see through the magical glamours of all paranormal creatures. But that wasn’t to weird right? Well, whatever. Because even if there was any illusion of normalcy in her life, it definitely disappeared that fateful day when the alarms went off in the agency. That was the day Evie met Lend, the most peculiar paranormal creature she had met in all her days. A teenage boy.

2. The Ghost and The Goth: by Stacey Kade

Alona Dare, THE it girl of highschool, was having a SERIOUSLY off week. Not only had she tragically died in freak accident involving a school bus full of band-geeks, She was also stuck in a miserable cycle of waking up at the place of her death and then disappearing in to oblivion until the next day. I mean, excuse me, where was the heavenly bright light when she needed it? To make things worse, the only person that could see her was that freaky goth kid, Will Killian, the joke of the school, and even he wouldn’t talk to her. But, Alona wasn’t going to take no for an answer. One way or another, Will WAS going to talk to her. whether he liked it or not. Even if it did take some (gag) flirting. who knows, maybe they could end up being friends. doubtful, but maybe.

3. The Selection: Kiera Kass

The Selection was the dream of every girl in the land of Illea. I mean, really? Who the heck didn’t want to be involved in a race of custom dresses, fabulously delicious food, and a VERY handsome prince waiting for them at the finnish line? Nobody. Well, nobody except America Singer. America had everything she wanted. The Happily Ever After at the end of a fairytale was already there, dangling just within her reach. Er, kind of. The only problem was, well, America was poor. There was no sugar-coating that. But she didn’t care about money, she was perfectly happy living modestly. Unfortunately, her mother wasn’t. So when her mother forces her to put her name in The Selection, and it just happens to be drawn by the lovely king of Illea, you would think that her life was completely ruined. You thought. When America arrives at the castle, she meets the charming prince she’s seen on t.v. her whole life and despised the last couple of months for ‘ruining her life’. but did he really? or did he just open her eyes into a life that was much more wonderful than one she had ever imagined.

4. Fangirl: Rainbow Rowell

Together forever. That’s how twins were supposed to be right? After all, Kath and Wren HAD shared a womb with each other for nine months. Plus their mother had left them at a young age, and no she didn’t die, she just… left, leaving them with only each other. They should have been inseparable. At least that’s what Kath thought. Wren had other thoughts. Wren was the typical college freshman. She wanted to party and drink and, well, just have fun! Kath, however, was SO not the typical freshman girl. In fact, Kath wasn’t typical period. Kath was a fangirl, constantly reading and writing fanfic about her all-time favorite character, Simon Snow. Wren and her used to do that together too, until last year when they started drifting apart. So now Kath had to face this scary new world called college all by herself, and frankly, she was terrified. But maybe she could get through it. after all, her crazy new roommate seemed like she wanted to help her. but even more alarming, her crazy new roommates boyfriend seemed to want to help her out even more. maybe too much so…