Sleepless in Bookland

Just for the antisocial, sleep-deprived, booknerds like me… Enjoy!

The Predicament

Dear lovely followers,

I guess we all know how this post is going to start don’t we? I know, I know, I haven’t been on here in a while, I get it, but there’s no need to look at me with those big, puppy-dog eyes like that ok? ok. (fault in our stats moment… ahhhhhh!) Anyways, I have a predicament, and I need your help, and not in a Dora The Explorer way where I ask you for help and then completely ignore you and look at the map instead when the mountain is quite obviously right behind me.  no. this will not be a similar situation. Although I’m not a five-year-old Latino girl on an adventure to find Friendship Forest either so I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be anyways. Well, continuing on from that, as you probably know (unless you live under a rock or something), the other day was Thanksgiving. Well, in case you also didn’t know (god, you guys are so clueless), Thanksgiving usually comes with some kind of small break from school and/or work. So yeah, from this, you can most likely conclude I got a break from work and/or school for Thanksgiving. good job! So, yeah, it was my last day of school before the break, and it was over and I was so excited! yay! I ran up to my room in pure joy and crashed down at my work desk. now what? I called up some friends but of course, since these days no one can ever seem to stay put at their own home with their own family for thanksgiving, everyone was gone. Ok, so I had no friends, no prob, their was always Vampire Diaries. So I decided to watch those over from the very beginning. Yikes. Ya’ll don’t want to know how that ended. It stuck for a while, I guess, but I just ended up feeling empty inside (I know, I’m a drama queen), as I often do with every Netflix marathon I ‘run’. So finally, after a substantial amount of tissues and sad music  I realized that what I needed was a good book. So I went to the one place that always helps me when I’m in need. I went to the place that’s been a shoulder to cry on, a place that’s been able to take me, for better or for worse. A place that fills my heart with sunshine and happiness and all other good things in the world. Barnes and Noble. and you know what I find? zip. nothing! I know right?! unbelievable! This is the kind of problem I have with a dress on the night of the party not a book on the night of absolutely nothing! I can always find a book. always. (hunger games moment!) every single flipping time I go there I find a book! but somehow, someway, I could not find a single thing. My mom even tried to help.

“Hun, there has got to be something in this whole store that you have not read.”

“No mom, there isn’t”

“what about this?”

“The Hunger Games, Mom? Really? every single literate person in America has read that.”

“ok, what about this.”


“what about this.”



“Mom, that has a rainbow dragon on it, yes.”

and, well, it kind of goes on. Aside from an extremely tacky romance novel with writing even I could do better than, I left empty handed. So here’s where you guys come in. I need a book, guys. I need a book bad. I can feel myself slipping away into the land of tv and low IQ. So please, please, please, please help a sista out. if you know any good books, comment below and I will read them! just fyi I like books that are kinda girly and sarcastic and I don’t read anything that isn’t YA. I know, I’m lame but whatever, stop the judgment! If you know a really good book that isn’t like that then just tell me anyways, I may love it! Alright, I’m counting on you guys. seriously. ok. there’s a box below, all you have to do is put your fingers on the keyboard, type, and press enter! I know you can do it! Alright, I’m out. peace.


Lux: beginings (to read or not to read)

lux book reviewDear followers,

guess what I did? No, I did not eat Ramen Noodles again! ok, well, yeah, I did, but that’s not what I’m talking about! Come on, you must be able to guess! seriously, just read the title of this post! It’s the title of a book! ok, good, so you’re starting to catch on, right? good! Well, I might as well say it! I finally finished a book! Yay! *does the nay nay* *falls over* *laughs* *cries* *what the heck* *why am I writing these* *ok I’ll stop*! Anyways, the point is, after swimming through oodles and oodles of schoolwork and homework and anywhere in-between work, I finally persevered! I finished a book! And now I am here to talk about it! You may applaud me now! Thank you, Thank you! And now, it is my great pleasure to present you with, ‘Lux: beginnings (to read or not to read)’! enjoy!

Ok, so first of all, if you are a literature snoot, this book is not for you! Seriously do not read it! it is most definitely no Hemmingway! I mean, you can already clearly tell from the cover, but in case you couldn’t, please don’t read it! you will hate it! Secondly, if you are in the mood for something deep that will make you feel something, this is not the book for you, go buy the fault in our stars, Mister/Misses! This book is totally tacky, cheesy, stereotypical, and somewhat lovable all at the same time. first of all, the one small thing I liked about this book was the fact that the main character was a blogger. I could just really relate to that and it made me like her a little bit better than I would have if she hadn’t been a blogger. ok, so we got the one small thing out of the way. Now buckle up everyone, it’s one long bumpy road downhill after that. First of all, the main character is kind of just the biggest airhead of all time. like, sure, she reads and she’s intelligent and blah, blah, blah, but at the end of the day she is a total dimwit. this is basically her train of thought, ‘huh, he says he loves me? he must hate me. he’s trying to get back at me. I wonder if her likes me? does he like me? he says he likes me. he must hate me.’ Like, Hun, just stop. As for the stereotypical part, yes, it gets very stereotypical. I think the protagonist probably gets sick and/or hurt at least twenty times within only the first book, and of course the hot alien next door neighbor has to save her every. single. time. Don’t get me wrong. I actually love it when books do that. I’m one of the most stereotypical loving persons ever! However, there is a limit to how many time you can do it. and twenty most certainly oversteps that limit! Now I know I sound like I’m totally trashing this book, and I kind of am, but honestly, I kind of loved it. It’s just that kind of book that you can’t help but make fun of, and enjoy at the exact same time. So yeah, if you’re a book snoot, don’t read it. we’ve already established that. but if you can tolerate the complete and utter tackiness of a book, but still somehow like it, somehow love it, then I suggest this book. So here we are at the end of my review, and there’s only one thing to be asked. To read, or not to read, that is the question. choose wisely my friends, choose wisely.

Catching Up With The Sleepless

studyingDear Readers,

This year I have most certainly been sleepless. Although, not necessarily in Bookland. Well, maybe History Bookland, but that doesn’t really count! So yeah, I’ve been gone for a while! But I refuse to say sorry this time (I’ve already done three of those posts, I can’t go back there again)! This one’s on my teachers! Anyways, I thought since I’ve been gone so long, I should just kind of check in and catch ya’ll up in all the wonderful (ok boring, but whatever) sorts of stuff that goes on in my life. I’m not doing a review or anything (Hello, I don’t have time for that! Algebra to solved, history to be discovered, Grammar to be checked!), but I’m doing my best, so here we go! A quick checkup on the sleepless!

currently listening too: Anything Ed Sheeran

Currently reading (or attempting to read): Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Currently studying: History

Current mood: tired (hence the whole, Sleepless thingy)

If my mood were a color: murky gray

If I had a superpower: Bending time (I need more to read!)

Last movie watched: Mean girls (we wear pink on Wednesdays)

last place traveled to: NCY BABY

So yeah, that’s where my life’s at right now. hopefully I can get around to doing a review sooner or later but things have gotten pretty hectic! I hope you understand and please don’t un-follow me! Any who, it’s time for me to pay George Washington and James Maddison a visit so as the terminator says, I’ll be back (Hopefully)! love and appreciate you guys! Keep on keepin’ on!

Elanore, park, and some other random stuff I threw in

dear my dearly beloved, highly appreciated, seriously wonderful followers,

long time no see, right? yeah, yeah, I know. What ever happened to “more book reviews coming your way soon!”? (refer to last post) Weeleanor and parkll, the truth is, I have just been completely, utterly, and positively uninspired by the books that I have read lately! don’t get me wrong, they were good books, they just weren’t…. amazing. Which made me wonder, when was the last time I’d read an amazing book? I mean, yeah, I’ve read good books recently, I’ve even read really good books. but when was the last time I read a book that made me want to stay of until 4:oo am reading? And when was the last time that I read a book that totally emerged me in a world of fiction, that flew me to a land so past time and space, that when I finally awoke I didn’t have a clue to where I was? The answer was, not in a while. Well, I mean, I have read some books like that this summer now that I think about it… But hey, book time is way different from normal people time, so stop looking at me like that! (not that I can actually see you, I mean, I just feel your evil glares staring at me across the internet)!

anyways, this strong philosophical pondering lead me to a place I’ve been many times before. And by many, I mean many, like maybe once a week (ok, you caught me, more like every day) many. the place that smells like hot chocolate and mystery novels. Like the wood of the forest and the mist of the sea. like adventure just waiting to happen. You know the place. Barnes and Noble. sigh.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I am not a book hipster. I pretty much only read something by the time it’s dissected into a script and mailed straight to the big screen. So once again I find myself in a very familiar place, bestsellers. what to read, what to read! Well, I’ve already read Divergent so let’s cross that off list. Oh, mortal instrument, Check (quickly looks around to make sure no one’s watching and whispers “I love you Jace Herondale”)! Hunger games? please, I read that before it was popular (so maybe I’m a bit of a book hipster).

but wait

what is this I see

the yellow glaring back at me

a black haired boy

and a redhead chick

is this the book?

I am to pick?

well, in case you didn’t pick up on that, the answer is yes. this book was most definitely for me, and it’s name was Eleanor and Park! Well, you know what’s coming, so lets just get it over with…. BOOK REVIEW!! Sadly, I will be doing a non-spoiler version just so I don’t ruin it for those of you who have not read it, but worry not those who have! I will most likely be doing a review on it tomorrow just filled to the brim with deliciously juicy spoilers so keep holding on! but for now, I present to you: Eleanor and Park!

Eleanor’s didn’t have the best life. she didn’t have the worst life but she… well… She- who was she kidding? her life flat out sucked. But how could it not, between her idiotic mother and her creep of a stepfather, Eleanor didn’t have the best parental support. And to be honest she didn’t exactly have house either. Don’t get me wrong, She was technically living in a house, it just wasn’t… her house. you see, a year ago her stepfather lost it. he lost it. And after getting in a major fight with him, guess what he did? he threw her out. like garbage on the street, he threw her right out the door. Thankfully, her neighbors had been there to pick her up, but when her mom comes back nearly a year later, she doesn’t know quite what to expect. definitely not this. definitely not the boy. How could something so sweet happen to her when her whole entire world is falling apart at the seams?

She was asking for it Park couldn’t help but think. First of all, she dressed like a man. Well, not even a man, more like a circus clown who just happened to be a man. and her hair. oh, her hair. the curly red locks surrounded her face like weeds encapturing a beautiful flower, She just sort of looked like…. a mess. so how on earth did she think she was going to survive in such a cruel place as high school? crap he thought she’s heading this way, please stop heading this way but it was too late. The crazy clown man girl was already standing right next to him, looking as lost as ever.

“Sit down!” yelled the bus driver, yet no one offered their seats. Well, except for Park. Stupid, stupid Park, he couldn’t stand himself. He didn’t speak to her, he didn’t say a word.

stupid Asian boy Eleanor thought

stupid Clown Man girl thought Park

and that, was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

but seriously, READ IT! it was so freaking good and I don’t regret a single second spent reading it!  So go on! Wherever your closest bookstore is, find it, and drive, drive woman (or man), DRIVE, I SAID DRIVE! Ok, yeah, I’m weird I know. anyways! That aside, I have something else to discuss with y’all (a.k.a. some other random stuff I threw in). As I said earlier, I’ve been having a rough time finding ways to inspire myself to blog. It’s not exactly that I’m lazy (although I guess maybe a little bit), It’s just that I haven’t read/done anything that really just pumps me up, you know? I mean, for those of you who are bloggers, what do you write about. I mean, other than books. And for those of you who read, have y’all read anything that’s just really got you going lately? yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “Ugh, I have to comment on some random girls blog? blegh, no way!” but some audience participation would be highly appreciated right now if possible so please comment! got that? good, again, Question of The Day (although I’m probably not going to be doing this every day, but whatever!), “What inspires you?” Seriously guys! I need some answers! Got it? good. Well, Adios! See ya next time (Once again, not actually, I don’t have spyware on your computer or anything, that would be creepy)! farewell! peace! ok, I’m done, bye!

Sorry! (part 3) (yikes!)

dear magnificent, lovely, wonderful followers,

I’m sorry. Gosh, it seems like I’m always apologizing to you guys! Actually, it doesn’t just seem that way, it is that way, I guess! Well, sorry for saying sorry so much! Usually I would not do so, but the predicament is quite sever. As of friday, I will be traveling to a land far, far away. Quite a dangerous place to be honest. There are rabid, blood sucking beasts (a.k.a. mosquitos), fierce, competitive sword battles (well, fencing at least), and worst of all, no form of communication whatsoever (well, pen and paper but I don’t have your addresses and don’t plan on asking you for them and sounding like a total creeper, either!). This wretched place has one name and one name only. Summer camp. Yeah, yeah, I know, I over exaggerated just a bit, and I actually do love camp but I just wanted to sound cool, ok? Gosh! Anyways, the point is, I won’t be able to blog for about a month, so bear with me!

Luckily for you guys though, as there is no such thing as flappy bird or instagram or any other materials in this land to donate to my terrible, terrible disease called procrastination I believe, I will have tons and tons of time to read! By the time I get back I’m sure I’ll have at least seven blogs ready to go and you’ll all be sorry I even came back in the first place (and for that, I say sorry)! So pretty, pretty please, in the leave of my absence (is that a phrase?) , do not unfollow me! I repeat, do not unfollow me! yes, I know, I’m being a bit bossy, but I’ve worked so hard to get you guys here in the first place, it would be a real bummer if I came back and you were all gone!  So to those of you who read this blog and think, “wow, I agree, she really does work hard, I think I’ll just keep following her!” I wholly and sincerely thank you!

Well, that’s all I really have to say, so in the words (er, songs I guess) of Julie Andrews, well, here I go… ahem… SO LONG, FAREWELL, AUF VIDEN SEH HAJO! wait….. what? Well, never mind, I don’t know german, sue me! Anyways, the point is goodbye! And may the odds be ever in your favor!


The Sleepless Reader




13 Reasons Why (Non-Spoiler)

ThirteenReasonsWhyI just realized every single book I’ve ever read has involved some sort of mystical being or society. Can you believe that? I’ve read about wizards and shadow hunters and werewolves and, of course, the undead, but not once have I read a book about a normal boy in a normal town. Nope. Not once. My motto has always been ‘we already live in reality, so what’s the point of living normalcy on in a book when you can live something extraordinary?’ It turns out that maybe this motto was just a tiny bit off. Some extraordinary things really do happen in real life. it’s a crazy world we live in, and everyone has a story. every person you see on the subway, in the streets, even in the mirror has a novel going on in their heads. a fight between good and evil. a villain. a hero. though some perspectives may be twisted, and many vary from others, they’re all stories, none the less.

Now I know I’m setting this book up to sound like it’s non-fiction, but it’s not. Just realistic fiction, but to be honest, that’s the closest to non-fiction that I’m ever getting so don’t get your hopes up (or down if you’re like me). The point is the premise of this book is something that could have really happened, but, of course, didn’t. But anyways, let’s just stop talking about the genre of the book and get on to talking about the actual book!

I really enjoyed this book. To be honest, I don’t even think I came out of my room once while I was reading it. I may not have even gotten up to eat lunch now that I think about it, which is a big deal because besides Josh Hutcherson food is the one and only love of my life! It was just one of those books that even when you put it down, you’re not really putting it down because you’ll try and do other things, but in your mind all you can do is think about it. So yeah, I ended up reading this book in a day. Thankfully it wasn’t too long or else I might have starved!

So I have to admit, when I read the back of this book, I was a little skeptical. I mean, it sounded really depressing. a teenage girl who commits suicide, that’s terrible! that’s what I thought. yes, it is terrible, but this book was so much more than that. like The Fault in Out Stars it isn’t about her death, it was about her life. although it differs from The Fault in Our Stars because instead of having a wonderful life with the boy she loves, Hannah baker’s life kind of sucks.

All she wanted was a kiss. That was all she ever wanted. It was her freshman year, she was young, she was pretty, and she just wanted to kiss the cute boy she had a crush on. it turned out Hannah Baker had terrible luck. it turned out that the guy she had a crush on, just happened to be that guy. you know the one. the one who gives girls a bad reputation. the one who has a bad reputation. but of course, it being the summer before freshman year, and her being new to town, Hannah gets left out on this little tid bit.

all she did was kiss him. that was all she did. but of course, he had other plans in mind. he wanted his girlfriend to have a certain image. and this would be the beginning of a fatal chain of events that goes on in Hannah’s life. yes, you heard me right. a chain. after this happens that happens and after that happens this happens and slowly, but surely, Hannah comes undone. She decides to do the deed. but instead of letting her secrets die with her, Hannah comes up with a plan. she needs people to know why she did what she did. more specifically, she needs the people who caused her to do what she did to know why she did it. so she creates a plan. it’s almost diabolical, really. she records thirteen tapes. thirteen stories. thirteen reasons why, and she sends them to the people on the list. the people who did her wrong. the only problem is, Clay never wronged Hannah. or at least he thinks he didn’t. so when a box of tapes shows up on his door step with the voice of the girl he’s secretly had a crush on since freshman year, he is completely and utterly confused. what will happen? what causes the undoing of the promiscuous Hannah Baker? well, you’ll just have to read the book won’t you?

Like I said, this book is really great and if you need a good, short, pick me up kind of book I recommend it very highly. I  mean, it’s crazy. after reading this book I see life in a completely different way. this book has taught me to never hold back. to give my love freely. to be nice to everyone because you never know what is going on in their lives. honestly, a smile in the hallway or even a simple wave of the hand can save a life at the end of the day. a gesture so small can keep someone from going over the edge, a gesture so small can keep someone from taking their own life. So I’m making it my goal to be all in. to give my smiles openly. To never have a moment when my hands are still at my side. Because that’s easy. You know what isn’t easy? Bringing someone back from the dead. Getting rid of the guilt and the voice at the back of your head that says you could have done something. Because you could have.

Well, I’ve gone in pretty deep! Just remember, under all this crap I’ve shoveled on top of it, the main point of  this post is just read the book! I promise you won’t regret it! Well, that’s all I have to say! Have a great week my lovely followers! You all rock!

-The Sleepless Reader

City of Heavenly Fire: The Review

COHF_coverdear followers,

Yet another ending of yet another wonderful series has unfolded in front of my own two eyes, and I can’t help but feel as if a small piece of me is missing. this is the end. this is really the end. no more wondering if Clace will ever happen, no more hidden feelings shared between Sizzy, and no more waiting in anxiety for Luke and Jocelyn to finally get married. it’s all over. God, you have no idea how depressing that is to me! But maybe it is not so much that piece of me is being taken away as it is that a new piece of me is being added on, changing me from the way I used to be.

Books are for learning, in case you didn’t know. Whether it is a chemistry textbook, full of science and method, or 1,000 page novel, full of love and hope, we are constantly learning, changing, from and with books. And that’s exactly what I did while reading this series. I have learned, I changed, so much. I have learned that to love really isn’t to destroy. I have learned that maybe water is thicker than blood. and I have learned that without love, without memories, without opening ourselves to new actions and ideas, we will petrify, never being able to feel again. I have learned all of this and much, much more from this series, so much so that if  I tried to blog it all down you guys would probably be reading this for about five hours! so I’m just going to cut you some slack and stop there! Anyways, the point is, that through this knowledge, I have changed. Grown. And certainly for the better. This series is amazing and if you have not yet read it drive yourself over to the closet bookstore this instance and buy it! if you have read it (the whole series), then I encourage you to keep reading. if you have not, scram! one word. spoilers!

Alright, so now that those losers are gone let’s get down to business! And where is a better place to start than the very beginning? Nowhere, of course! Okay. So we start off with this prologue about Emma Carstairs and her life at the Los Angeles institute, which, if you ask me, was probably one of the longest things I have ever read in my life! I was jus ready to see my clique, ya know? I’m sorry, but I didn’t care at all about these random new people who had popped up into the plot of the book, I needed to see my peeps! but finally the prologue does end and we find our people in the park, meditating. I’m not going to elaborate on this too much because there is a lot to talk about, but I just thought this part was pretty the first half of the book overall is pretty boring. everyone is sitting around, having meetings, and just waiting for Sebastian to come kill them all. yes, within this time period Jordan does die, but I have to say, I totally saw that coming. and sorry to all of you who were, but I really wasn’t that attached to him anyways so it wasn’t a big deal. the only other thing that I really like within the first half of the book was Simon’s alter ego ‘Lord Montgomery’. I was cracking up when I read this part because it was just too funny! but really, other than that the whole first part was a snooze fest.

then we get to the second part. ah, the second part! the demon realms! how exciting! so thankfully, finally the crew finds out that the faeries really aren’t in their favor, and take the Queen captive, forcing her to show them the way to the demon realms. and of course, as I predicted, Meliorn does die at this point, becoming another one of the seven. so yeah, they get into the demon realm, they find a nice little (or maybe not so little) cave to snuggle up in, and they figure out a plan. In the course of these days in the cave, however, Jace does happen to explode into a ball of heavenly fire, which, thankfully, Clary knows how to save him from. she uses her clever little rune skills and together they craft up a sword to consume the heavenly fire and let it be used as a weapon against Sebastian. after this we have a very nice Clary and Jace scene  and a pretty good Isabelle and Simon scene as well, but though the day prior may have been nice, the day ahead is sure to be a day of war and sacrifice.

so together, they all march right up to Sebastian’s fortress, ready for battle, and when they get there, he’s waiting. here’s the thing about Sebastian, I have very mixed emotions about him. on one hand, I know that he is evil, he has demon blood running through his very veins, after all. but on the other I see something redeemable about him. anyone who is capable of love should be capable of doing good. because love is not evil. perhaps lust, but certainly not love. and I honestly think Sebastian loves Clary, certainly not in the right way, but I know he loves her. he just doesn’t get the concept of love. his mind can’t function it, the demon blood blocks it. and maybe that is why he is evil. but none the less, they have to defeat him, whether he’s good deep down inside or not. so Clary puts on her skit, taking the throne and telling him she loves him, and he truly believes her which makes me really sad for some reason, because when we really truly want something we don’t doubt it, we take it in full heartedly and let the rest become invisible. Maybe that’s why I’m sad, because in that moment, I think I saw a glimmer of humanity in him, and sadly, I knew it would be that very trait that would be his unbecoming. So now he has everything he wants. power, the girl, a room full of people to serve him, but Sebastian feels that perhaps he needs to make sure that this is all real, that it isn’t a dream. so he asks for proof. he asks for a kiss. a kiss to prove Clary’s love for him. this is his fatal mistake. Clary, of course, plays along, and putting her arms around him, she takes her sword, full of heavenly fire, and stabs him in the back (literally and figuratively).and then, in his last moments, Sebastian’s eyes turn green and he becomes Johnathan.

Unfortunately, Johnathan has no idea how to get any of them out of the demon realm, which forces Magnus to have to call upon his father, the most evil man ever!!! So Magnus’s dad shows up in all of his evil glory, and offers up a deal. In exchange for their passage back to earth and Simon’s mortal life, he gets to keep Simon’s immortality (which isn’t that bad) and all his memories of the shadow world along with his shadow friends (which is really bad!). And to everyone’s dismay, Simon, the good guy he is, takes the deal. So off they go to Idris, leaving a certain ex-vampire named Simon behind.

Some after returning to Idris, Clary and Jace throw ‘the Johnathan that might have been’ a small funeral by the lake. After finishing up they take a horseback ride back to the city in which they discover the Herondale manor. As approaching it Jace comments “we might live here someday” and at this sentence I explode into a pile of rainbows and butterflies because I could totally imagine that! I could just imagine a middle-aged Clary with her hair in a knot and paint on her fingers, chasing a screaming toddler around the house. I could imagine the wrinkles beneath Jace’s eyes deepening as he smiled in pride while training his little boy to hunt. I could just imagine it all and it was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced! Sadly, that would all have to wait for another day. for now, they had to return to New York and get one with their lives.

but how were they supposed to get on with their lives without Simon? Ah, yes, there was still the Simon Predicament. this is almost too easily solved. On the day of Jocelyn’s wedding, Clary visits Simon, hoping of all hopes that he remember something, anything about her. sadly, the only thing she reaps from that meeting is a crumpled band flyer, that only makes her nostalgic of the times she used to xerox the very things for him. back when they were friends. back when he remembered her. thankfully, the poster does reveal something. right there at the top it says it. the band’s name. the mortal instruments. i couldn’t help but laugh at this because if you think about it that’s actually a really good name for a band! but anyhow, at this Magnus says he has a plan. a plan to get Simon back. they must turn him into a shadow hunter (insert dramatic sound effect).

In the end, everyone gets their happy ending. Clary ends up with Jace, Simon ends up with Izzy, Magnus ends up with Alec, and even Jocelyn ends up with Luke. It’s all gumdrops and unicorns from then on. I know this sounds weird, but was anyone else disappointed by that? yeah, yeah, I know I’m crazy, but I was just expecting more. when Cassy said seven people were dying, I kind of figured there would be at least one significant death. one death that would tug my heart, even in the slightest bit. I don’t know, I just feel like in every good book there should be at least one loss that makes you think a little deeper, mourn a little harder, one loss that just actually makes you feel something. don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I’m sure if Jace or Clary died, there would have been a very offensive letter written to Mrs. Clare and I just might have received a restraining order, so thank the lord that didn’t happen! I just feel like it was a little off that’s all.

anyways, overall this series was amazing and I just can’t believe it’s over! I tip my hat to you Cassandra, great job! Well, I’m done ranting! comment below on what you thought of the book! I need to hear other’s opinions! I’ll be waiting!


The Sleepless Reader

The Fault in Our Stars

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! OH MY FREAKING GOSH! OH MY FREAKING GOSH, GUYS!!! ok, the faultthere, I think I got it all out of my system, but- OH MY GOSH!! ok, ok I’m done, pinky promise! but, seriously! talk about a feels attack! this move was freaking amazing and I would just like to tip my hat

to everyone who was involved in it! it was awesome! this may be one of the few movies I have ever seen that I don’t have one negative thing to say about! It captured the book perfectly and all I can say is, wow. of course, there were a few scenes that got cut, like when Hazel and Isaac are playing video games after Gus dies and Isaac tells the video game to hump the cave wall, which does happen to be one of my favorite parts of the book, but anywho, other than that, I didn’t notice many changes, which is perfect! and it wasn’t just the fact that the movie stuck so much to the book that made it perfect, it was also the vibe, you know? the vibe of being young and in love and just living life! that was one of my favorite things about the book too. the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be a tragedy or a sob story. it wasn’t supposed to be a  book that completely depressed you. when Gus dies it isn’t over exaggerated, with him dying in her arms and using his last, dying breath to kiss her. the fault in our stars isn’t about dying. it’s about living. sure, they have cancer. sure, they may die sooner than they would have if they didn’t. but it’s not about that. it’s about what they do with the lives they are given, and who they choose to love, even if they are grenades, as hazel puts it. And oh my gosh, the music in this movie! I can’t get enough of it! Boom Clap in now officially the anthem of my life. period. all in all this movie was just flat-out spectacular and I’m sure I will be taking another trip back to the theater sooner or later to see it again! if you have not seen this movie, drop what you’re doing right now and drive to your nearest theater. I’m serious, stop reading this and go! to those of you who have seen the movie, you know what, just go ahead and do the same thing! leave. right now! goodbye! adios! au revoir! see ya’ later! bye!


yet another apollogy

dear lovely followers,vampire diaries

I am ashamed to say, that I have done the one thing I swore I would never do. I have let the tv take over my life! This past week I discovered the most wonderful thing in the whole entire world. or so I thought. It seduced me with its bright red clothing and its many, many selections of tv shows perfectly designed to enslave me to my couch. all the human emotion, all the dreamy actors and stunning actresses. I admit it, I was obsessed. this creation had me trapped for days, and when I tried to stop, when I told myself it was wrong and I finally got away, it stuck in my brain, luring me back in. this creature is the deadliest I have yet to face in all my years. deadlier than Kronos, Sebastian, President Snow, and Jeanine Matthews all combined together. this beast has slain me, and its name is Netflix. hey, don’t laugh at me! it’s true! you would think with City of Heavenly Fire out I would be going out of my mind trying to finnish it. but I’m not. and oh lord, just wait until I tell you the exact show I’ve been hooked on. you have to promise not to hate me though, ok? ok, here it goes. one…..two…..three…..THE VAMPIRE DIARIES! oh my god, I’m going out of my mind! it’s the most ridiculously stupid show I’ve ever watched, but I can’t get enough of it! I mean seriously, you’d think I could do better than this! the vampire diaries is just another boring story about that personality-less girl who falls in love with an even more personality lacking vampire! it sucks! literally and figuratively in case you didn’t catch that! but the thing is, I just can’t stop! there’s just something about it that I can’t even really describe! I love it! but the show would not be made without the super smoking, scheming vampire brother, Damon! and yes, he is part of yet another spectacularly overused  theme of the show, but I still love him with all my heart, even though, yes, he is apart of the love triangle with the personality lacking girl and vampire I mentioned earlier. blegh! Elena! wake up! why can’t you see that Damon loves you! ugh, she’s infuriating! don’t get me wrong, I actually kinda liked Elena at first. she had spunk, and when the no-personality vampire came along, and told her that he was what he was (a vampire in case you didn’t catch that), she backed off! you go girl! she told him she wasn’t going to deal with that and I was proud of her! but of course, all good things must come to an end. soon they were all over each other and had what seems like permanently become each other’s personality, which, to me, as quite the individual, is the worst fate of all. they don’t have their own lives and interests, they don’t do anything but be in love with each other and protect each other. yeah, I know, that’s romantic and all but I just feel like there should be more than that, you know? they aren’t just Elena. they aren’t just Stephen. they’re not just dating. they’re Elena and Stephen who are dating. am I even making any sense? whatever, the point is, them being stuck to each other like (insert metaphor about something that sticks together here (yeah, I’m lazy)) Damon has absolutely, completely, and utterly no chance with Elena! I mean, I think he can do better than her, well, then again maybe not (he is the villan after all), but there’s no one else for him. now for the people who may be reading this and don’t think the show is stupid, I’m sorry. it’s not that I completely do hate the show anyways. I just think a lot of it is overused, cliché material. but like I said, it’s still beautiful. And for those of you Stelena sippers, I’m sorry too, I’m just not feeling it. I don’t know maybe I have this all wrong, I am only on season three anyways so maybe something miraculous will eventually happen to win me over on to y’all’s side, but I just don’t know yet. ugh! I don’t know what to feel! anyways, that was my rant for the day! please comment below, I need someone to talk to about it! but, remember! no spoilers! only on season three! farewell my dearest followers! have a good sunday night!

The One

Ok, now that that’s done with, let’s move on with some more important matters. Like what the heck am I supposed to do with my life now that this book is over?! Probably mope around, eat ramen noodles, and reread it a couple of ten thousand times, but you know, other than that! I mean, I’m not saying it wasn’t a beautiful book. God, it was a beautiful book! that’s what makes this such torture. There are two ways one may react the ending of a series, both depending on how the author has written the book. One, if the author has ended it terribly, lying around all day thinking of all the ways it could have been so much better. They could have done this, they could have done that, and why the heck did I not write this dang book myself, this ending is poop! You’re stuck in the past. Stuck in a wave of things that could have happened to prevent the tragic event that has befallen your beloved series. That was not the case with this book. Quite the opposite, actually! The entanglement of lovely words in this lovely book encaptured me, luring me to another world. In fact, sometimes I’d look up from my book and be scared half to death because I was so sure that only moments ago I had been sauntering through the castle gates, out of our world, and into the book! Now that, is good writing. The kind of writing that helps you throw your sorrows to the wind and forget about your world, and in general, just forget about you. True writing is the kind that helps you lose your identity and sink in to the one of another person. To trade in your happiness for theirs. To trade in your sadness for theirs. And most importantly, to feel love. During this book, I felt all of the above. I’m just going to leave it at that for now because honestly I could go on all day about that and I’m sure you guys are tired of my endless ranting! So let’s move on, shall we? First off, I would just like to say… MAXON AND AMERICA, OF MY FREAKING GOD! Just thinking about them makes me blush and I’m soooo happy they ended up together! I was also very happy to see that even though she did have her moments in this book, America wasn’t as completely, flat-out idiotic as she was in the elite! I have to admit that through most of the elite a had my face in my hand and couldn’t bear to read another chapter full of her complete and utter stupidity. But let’s not focus on that, the point is, she got her brain back! good for her! you go girl! And man, I can’t even believe how many adorable moments there were between her and Maxon! Dancing in the rain, tying the red sash around her jeans (which I know may seem kind of stupid to you guys but I thought it was really cute for some reason!), kissing, lots of kissing, and multiple times may I add! And most importantly, what I thought may have been the sweetest thing in the whole book, was when America promised that if Maxon lived, he could call her dear as many times as he wanted too!! perfect reference to the first book! I just feel like I wish I got just a tad bit more of the wedding scene though, and maybe some after the wedding action too, but who am I kidding, if I had it my way the book would never end! other than that, the book was absolutely fantabulous! there were some losses, but I felt like they kind of needed to be there. don’t get me wrong, I loved the queen. and Celeste, no matter what my feelings for her might have been in the first and second books. but I feel like where there is a new beginning, there must be loss as well. does that sound to messed up? I don’t know, maybe it’s just my author’s brain. seems like all authors ever want to do is kill everyone off (I’m looking at you Veronica), but I’m just glad it wasn’t anyone too important like Maxon or America. I was also pretty happy when Aspen and Lucy ended up together because America was right. Lucy did need a knight in shining armor and Aspen was jus the right guy. I like them together, although not so much so that I felt obligated to read the extra short story about them being together at the end of the book. All in all, this book was really amazing and I feel honored that I got the chance to experience yet another little world in a galaxy of books. but though I absolutely adored this book, it is time for me to say goodbye. Selection series, I salute you. *sends book down the river* *cries hysterically* *wonders why she’s giving a funeral for a freaking book* *remembers why* *dries eyes* *buys new copy of the book and the cycle continues* alright,that’s it for today! comment what you thought of the book below!